Manufacturing Execution System

We simplify and connect your manufacturing systems in one integrated solution – we make complex simple.

One supplier for complete manufacturing integration

Eltronic has many years of experience in developing and implementing MES solutions.

Unlike many other suppliers of MES and automation solutions, Eltronic has all competences in-house. We can advise you in all steps of the manufacturing process – from product design, machine construction, and automation to complex system integration ensuring that every single part of the manufacturing process is integrated at a higher level.

This provides you with the guarantee that a MES solution from Eltronic always considers and integrates all aspects of your production.

We always develop and design production systems that can migrate into future technology.

Morten Svendsen, CEO

Why implement MES?

• Increased output and reduced lead-time
• Reduced operation costs
• Increased compliance
• Improved production planning and reduced data entry time
• Increase of process safety and reliability
• Improvement of product quality
• Greater traceability and insight in the production process
• Access to digital history records

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Unique challenges demand unique solutions

A MES solution is not a ‘one size fits all’ kind of system but needs to be tailored to each company. That’s why we offer both an enterprise solution that suits larger manufacturing companies and our own product Mini MES, which is dedicated to machine builders and small plants that need execution capability and data collection​.