Our Identity

At Eltronic A/S our values, vision, and mission are a grated part of who we are. They form the basis of our everyday work and they guide us in the way we work with each other, our customers, and partners.


Our form the basis of our everyday work and they guide us in the way we work with each other, our customers, and partners.


We take responsibility for helping our customers

Fair play, ethics, and loyalty have top priority between us and the customers we serve. We want to provide an experience that exceeds customer expectations and provide the best possible result.


We ensure top quality to compete on a global scale

We use our experience to help customers take projects from initial ideas to quality results. This is done though highly structured, transparent and traceable processes.


We persist until we achieve

We show persistence when we work with our partners. We know that this is a vital trait to ensure the success of our partnerships. A job is only finished when it is tested, documented, and delivered.


We believe in the power of innovative ideas

We encourage the spirit of innovation and knowledge-sharing across the company. It is this innovation and thinking differently that push the boundaries and affects change in the engineering industry.


Building strong, mutually beneficial alliances is the key to success

We aim to build up close alliances with our customers and suppliers. Only through learning processes and partner relationships can the optimal solution be obtained.

Our values are an essential part of our organization. They define us as a company and guide us in our work - now and in the future

Lars Jensen, Founder of Eltronic A/S

Our Foundation

Value Proposition

Your global partner in complete, future-proof production solutions that boost productivity and sustainability.


To help companies increase their global competitiveness and sustainability.


To create tangible, measurable, and lasting improvements through innovative production systems.

What we do and how we do it

Eltronic A/S is an ambitious and responsible company and we strive for high quality in all aspects. Quality management, safety, and environmental considerations are therefore key priorities for us.

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